Bespoke Service

We offer bespoke Bronze and Stone sculptures on commission.  

Very popular with our customers are sculptures of their pets, which we can do straight from photos.

​The first step in the process involves an initial consultation to discuss and decide on the subject, the size of the piece and the material that it’s to be made from.  We can provide a range of sketches with different options if required.

An original sculpture is then created from clay or wax.  This is presented to the client and any necessary changes are made.  

The sculpture is then signed off by the client and the order is confirmed.  No financial commitment is made prior to this point.

Next we make a mould of the sculpture.  High quality silicone rubber is used to capture all of the detail, an outer jacket is made from fiberglass to give the mould support.

​Finally, the sculpture is cast in the chosen material.

The stone is cast using a dry stone mix which is hand beat into the mould to give a natural stone finish. 

​For Bronze the sculpture is cast at a foundry using the traditional lost wax casting process.

Commission a Bespoke Sculpture

If you would like to discuss co-designing  your own sculpture please get in touch on 07966842935 or